Central Church of Christ at Pflugerville

Our Ministers: Kirk Tooley

Brother Kirk Tooley has been a pulpit minister at Central since 2003. We present this interview so that others may know more about brother Tooley and our congregation here.



Brother Tooley, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a pulpit preacher for the Central church of Christ beginning the work in 2003. I also have a secular job. I enjoy the work, fellowship, and opportunity to serve in the area.

How did you become a pulpit minister?

I became a pulpit minister by first having the desire to do so, took action upon that desire, and studied at the Southwest School of Bible Studies here in Austin. I sat at the feet of sound spiritual Christian men who were able to not so much teach us—especially when it came to biblical subjects, they didn't teach us what the doctrine was—but they helped us, or guided us to look into the scriptures to help us determine what God's Word dictates on principles and commands, and things of that nature.

Can you tell us a little bit about your family?

My wife is a good, sound Christian woman. They say “Behind every good preacher is a good preacher's wife.” That is exactly what she is. She helps to be a source of strength. She's also a good source for feeling the pulse of the congregation and also to check myself sometimes. She has a good knowledge and understanding of scriptures and I think we complement each other a lot. We are striving to help each other to get to Heaven.

I have a daughter and two sons that are all pretty much grown. They have all obeyed the gospel and we are pretty proud of them and we certainly pray for their continued spiritual growth.

Hobbies and interests?

I would have to say that the things that interest me most are inside the Church and all things pertaining to that. When I teach a Bible class I prefer to have a good exchange of what the scripture teaches as well as thoughts and ideas. I also enjoy our young people because of their energy and their desire to learn. I like to be involved in our teen lectures, our youth camp, and a variety of other things we do. I also appreciate our older members for their wisdom and their love for the Church, for God, and their stance in standing strong for continued soundness in the congregation.

Outside of the church, I enjoy college football and other collegiate sports. I enjoy and have a love for music. I also enjoy our Dachshunds. They bring a lot of joy (and hard work) into our lives.

What might a visitor expect when they visit our congregation?

They should expect to see our warmth and care for their soul and hopefully find that we are doctrinally sound so that they not only feel comfortable and know that they are loved but also to know that this is a good place for their soul to be for sustained spiritual growth, spirituality, and righteousness. They will see Christians striving to be all things that the scripture teaches about God's people: loving, caring, sound doctrinally, concerned about people's spiritual welfare, spiritual growth, and spiritual maturity.

What kind of teaching should one expect if they visit our congregation?

We recently had a series of studies on recognizing our faith for what it is and also growing that faith and ultimately sustaining that faith because it is such a vital part of our spiritual success. I really have enjoyed that study. It has been so meaningful and I think that not only because I have enjoyed it but I see our members enjoying it as well and receiving the principles in God's word. Hopefully we will not only recognize, acknowledge, and understand how to strengthen our faith and obedience but also how to implement and apply this study in our lives. I'm really excited about where we are headed with this class.

Thank you very much Kirk! Is there anything else you would like to share with our website visitors as we close?

If you are looking for a place to grow spiritually and to get engaged in the work, this is a good place to do that. The people there are good, hard workers who are interested in seeing souls saved. We want you to come and visit us. I think if you are serious about your religious life I believe you will have a positive experience here with our congregation, connect, and become a part of who we are. The fact that you are reading this shows that you have interest. We truly hope that this interest will lead to visiting the family that meets at Central church of Christ.

Contact brother Kirk at:

Kirk Tooley, Pulpit Minister, katooley@centralchurchofchrist.cc